Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Smart Class Activity for Geography Students Class XI-B2 & XI-A2

During last week (17 - 20 July, 2013) the Geography students of Class XI-B2
and XI-A2 took part in the Smart Class Activity on Chapter 'Landforms and
their Evolution'. They explored the different landforms, their
characteristic features, change brought on them by Geomorphic Agents.

This activity was for those students who do not have internet connectivity
at home. This e-lesson was created using open source free tool. This
e-course material has animations, images, panorama views, online articles,
audio, inter-activities quizzes, close activities, multiple choice
question for self assessing, assignments, and summaries through mind maps.
This e-course material has helped me in delivering the most time consuming
chapter in one go.

Self Reflection for students.

1. What was your favourite topic of this lesson?
2. How would you describe the learning you achieved through this lesson?

Tell me about the two reflections through comments.

Suryaveer Singh

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